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Dame Catherine Tizard (centre) with Yvonne Foreman and others

               The major outcome of this conference was the desire
               to form a national organisation, combined with
               the hope that such an organisation might be able
               to provide training and establish standards for all
               celebrants. There was an overwhelming sense that
               there needed to be a unified approach to standards
               throughout the country, especially as at that time,
               celebrants were not well supported by the office of
               the Registrar-General.
               Under the chairmanship of Ron Ball, a Where to from
               here? session was held on the Sunday and agreement
               reached that a national association of civil celebrants   Steering committee Chair Bill Logan with Heather White
               be formed.                                        and Secretary Jan Ballantyne

               A steering committee was elected consisting of Bill Logan   The steering committee’s terms of reference included:
               (Wellington), Ron Ball (Hamilton), Maria Ngatai
               (Tauranga), June Russell (Christchurch), Hilary Hudson   •  developing a provisional constitution
               (Wellington), Jan Ballantyne (Putaruru) and Heather   •  consideration of bicultural aspects
               White (Tauranga). Bill Logan served as the chair, Jan
               Ballantyne as secretary and Ron Ball was the treasurer.     •  developing a code of ethics/conduct
               Eddie McMenemy (Auckland) was co-opted as a voting
               member at the end of 1999.                        •  membership criteria, including honorary
                                                                    life membership

                                                                 •  budgeting included within financial reports
                                                                    at the AGM

                                                                 •  proxy voting

                                                                                                   A call to Action  13
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