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Much was achieved during the ensuing year (from August 1999 to July 2000). The steering committee met eleven
            times, usually by teleconference, and it determined to recommend to the first AGM that:

            •   the word civil be dropped, as it does not refer to   •   only financial members have voting rights and
                funeral celebrants                                there be no proxy voting

            •   biculturalism is important; thus a suitable Māori   •   the existing Auckland and Canterbury
                name from a kaumātua should be sought             organisations become branches, under terms
                                                                  favourable to them, within eighteen months of
            •   the names “Celebrants’ Association of New         the new organisation coming into being
                Zealand (Inc)” and “Tangata Kai Ārahi te Ture o
                Aotearoa” be adopted                          •   an auditor be appointed to audit the accounts to
                                                                  30 June 2000
            •   the association be open to anyone who conducts
                “non-denominational” marriages or funerals    •   a newsletter be circulated to all members

            •   the membership fee be $120.00                 •   the first AGM be held 29-30 2000 in Wellington.
            •   Ron Ball seek a precedent to modify and formulate
                a comprehensive constitution. (Ron worked for
                a law firm at the time and subsequently sought
                the assistance of Justice de Jong, then a specialist
                lawyer in incorporation and trusts.)

            •   a code of ethics – based on the Funeral Directors’
                code of conduct, as well as the mission statement
                “To foster celebrancy and to support celebrants
                in carrying out their duties competently,
                professionally and ethically” – be adopted

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