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How to use this e-book:

            The simplest way to access this e-book is to view it on the CANZ
            website. Click to open, then use the control buttons found at the top
            and bottom of each page to navigate, alter the page size or change
            to full screen mode.

            To print, search or read this e-book offline: first open it on the CANZ
            website, then click on the downward-pointing arrow in the control
            panel. The e-book will download as a PDF into your browser and can
            then be saved to your local device.

            After this e-book has been saved to your device, individual pages
            – or the entire document – may be viewed, printed or searched
            by opening it in your browser or any PDF reader. Most of these
            applications support bookmarks, but note that Adobe Acrobat
            Reader does not.
            To return to the same page when closing the file in Acrobat, go to
            Acrobat Preferences >Documents >Settings and tick “Restore last
            view settings when reopening documents.
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