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                                                                 There could hardly be anyone better qualified
                                                                 to record the wealth of our history than Sherryl
                                                                 Wilson, one of the team of visionary celebrants who
                                                                 established the first CANZ Executive at the turn of this
                                                                 Given the changes in technology since then, CANZ
                                                                 does many things differently now. We meet using
                                                                 Skype and Zoom; our minutes are recorded and stored
                                                                 digitally; photos – which were once put into albums (at
                                                                 best) or possibly envelopes in a box – are now stored
                                                                 online. Most of our member benefits are now delivered
                                                                 via our website.

                                                                 But what has never changed over our 18-year history
                                                                 is the dedication of those who have been willing to
                                                                 devote their personal time and energy to administer
                                                                 CANZ and to support their colleagues from every
                                                                 corner of the country.

                                                                 Thank you Sherryl!

                                                                 I think this project became much bigger than any of
                                                                 us first envisioned! But I know that after we enjoy the
                                                                 fruits of your research, we may all take a renewed pride
                                                                 in CANZ, as it continues to support celebrants, advance
                                                                 celebrancy and elevate the place of ceremony in New

                                                                 Carol Gunn
                                                                 Immediate Past President

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