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I have been personally inspired and encouraged by so many New Zealand celebrants.  For many years I consistently
            quoted Wanda Brittain’s wonderful poem which still strengthens me and contributes to my understanding of the
            work we do:

              You are the celebrant,                            You are the channel through which
              you are the ritual maker;                         the seekers after truth and light
              you are the crucible                              will pass to find their holy spaces.
              into which the mysteries are poured.
                                                                You are the open door
              You are the sacred vessel                         to the love, the joy and the power within.
              which holds the wisdom of the shamans,
              the pure light of the priestess                   You are the celebrant,
              and the knowledge of the wise ones.               you are the ritual maker;
                                                                so guard your gift with care.
              You are the book of empowerment
              that others can choose to read from.            So we have a past to be proud of, and we hereby give
              You are the paints which the creative spirits    thanks to Sherryl Wilson for putting this history of
              can richly colour their life celebrations.      CANZ on the record.
                                                              Dally Messenger III
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